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Growing Quality Saskatchewan Sod in Battleford, since 1967
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Welcome to Westwood Turf & Landscaping

Westwood Turf Farm Landscaping

Westwood Turf Farm & Landscaping is a well managed family business based on integrity. We have been growing quality sod since 1967. We have a proven track record of excellence providing Saskatchewan turf.

Our vision is to continue to provide superior sod and services to assist you in beautifying your home. You will discover how easy it is to save time and money. Create a safe healthy environment for yourself and your family.

Serving Western Saskatchewan and Eastern Alberta. We are the premier Saskatoon Turf & Sod, Lloydminster turf & sod and Prince Albert turf & sod company.


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Barkman Products

Westwood Turf Farm and Landscaping is now a distributor of Barkman Concrete products. These products include Pavers, Slabs, Retaining Walls, Stone Veneers and Landscape Accessories. Barkman Concrete - Take your indoor living out!